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The State Technology Committee was created by the 2019-2020 State Board.  The committee is chaired by Laura Vriesema, M, and includes members Lois Johann, PSP\Y, and Courtney Silviotti, AU.  Our website coordinator is Beth Staples, PSP\M.  

These women are here to help your chapter with your technology needs.  You can email them at  

Online training Young guy learns online by video conference in zoom app On the screen the teacher tells the information to him and other participants in the conference. with copy space image

Helpful Hints on Hybrid Meetings

Is your chapter struggling with the technology to handle hybrid meetings? The new rules allowing sisters to stay at home but still log into or call into a chapter meeting can keep housebound or traveling sisters active participants in chapter life. For some options to incorporate these sisters into the flow of a meeting, click on the button below.


How to Zoom

These instructions are 4 pages long because they are detailed, assume you know little about this, and are in large print. This process is not difficult. You may wish to print these instructions to have handy for the meeting. Click below for the handy cheat sheet.


Acting as an Alternate Host on Zoom

Click below for a handy cheat sheet, provided by Chapter AL.



Stuck at Home?

Click on the link below to get information on 12 Famous Museums from around the world that offer Virtual Tours you can take from your couch! This is a great idea for a social Zoom meeting. Have one of your sisters ‘share’ her screen while on your social call and take a tour together!


Backgrounds and Wallpaper

Looking for some great P.E.O. themed Zoom backgrounds or wallpaper for your cellphone or computer? Visit the International website’s Brand Resource Center / Logos and Images, to find various ideas and themes.